Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our bedroom

I have put off writing my first post for oh-so-long now because I felt it needed to be perfect/inspirational/make you wanna come back...since I haven't come up with anything that meets that criteria, I thought I would start off with my bedroom mini reno. Since we have lived in our little house (4 1/2 years now) the only thing we ever did to our nest was throw a coat of paint on the walls. It was an easy room to throw stuff in and just shut the door if anyone happened to pop by. I have finally had enough of the nastiness! No, I won't be posting any 'before' pictures, way too enbarrassing! But here is a bit of what I have done so far. I love this paper. I am happy.


Bowering said...

I love your bed frame, did you get it from Room for Style? I saw one there like yours a long time ago and loved it, we have yet to do anything to our bedroom but I am getting the idea in my head to start something before I head back to work, shhhhh don't tell John

beautiful things said...

Love, love, love the paper! It's not what I was picturing...it's nicer! Excellent first blog entry.