Monday, March 30, 2009

Over the weekend we hosted birthday parties for my big girl and my boy; they're actual birthdays are this weekend, but with spring break happening, we decided to do them early. They were lot's of prep and lots of fun! Here we go...
7 year old rockstar fun...

and robots for a 4 year old...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it's party time!

My big girl and my boy both celebrate birthdays in March. We are having both of their parties this weekend! Eek! It's crunch time! Here is some of my inspiration for each of them:
My boy is turning 4 and decided on 'robots' for his party:

My big girl is turning 7 and can't seem to stop talking about Hannah Montana and High School Musical. These are definitely not things we encourage(for many reasons-poor influence and I just am not a fan of crazes like they are) or have ever let her view for that matter, so it has to be all school influence. Anyway, we decided on a generic 'rock star' theme for her party:

we do have it DOWN!

I love that as so many shelter mags are shutting down, that Canadian mags are being sought after! And getting such raving reviews!

Monday, March 16, 2009

vote for me!

Go here and vote for my daughter! I entered her in a contest that is being held by Karen Hunter Photography here in Winnipeg. It is not a beauty contest, the results are based on votes...get as many people to vote for your daughter as possible! The prize is a free photo shoot and a pair of James jeans from Madi Couture! Anyway, she is #4! Go now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

color inspiration challenge

Every week over at kwernerdesign blog ( there is a color inspiration challenge. Her blog is all about paper crafting and so is the challenge. Create a card/scrapbooking page/whatever in the colors she chooses for the week. Since this weeks colors happened to be the colors of the party invitations I just finished, I thought I would finally participate in the challenge! Go over there and check out everyone else's entries!

Can anyone tell me how to rotate the second photo? Can't seem to do it and it looks pretty silly right now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Aunt Mary crochets

Does she ever! My mom's sister crochets like a mad woman! She happened to send my mom a photo of her latest project (just made out of scraps she said) and when I saw it I was totally impressed! Check it out! The first photo is all the pieces not yet stitched together and the third photo is the afghan partially stitched together. I think something like this would look fab on a child's bed or to snuggle with on your family room couch. She also mentioned how many others she has made over the years-prepare yourself-54 adult sized and about 12 baby sized blankets.