Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it's party time!

My big girl and my boy both celebrate birthdays in March. We are having both of their parties this weekend! Eek! It's crunch time! Here is some of my inspiration for each of them:
My boy is turning 4 and decided on 'robots' for his party:

My big girl is turning 7 and can't seem to stop talking about Hannah Montana and High School Musical. These are definitely not things we encourage(for many reasons-poor influence and I just am not a fan of crazes like they are) or have ever let her view for that matter, so it has to be all school influence. Anyway, we decided on a generic 'rock star' theme for her party:


beautiful things said...

love, love, love the cupcake idea! I am also loving the star glasses etc. Can't wait to see pics from the parties!

Eva said...

too bad I got bleach on the purple rockstar t-shirt that you guys liked so much; you could have worn it for the party.