Friday, April 24, 2009

I deserve an award

The blogging slacker award, that is! Oh well, I am back now. This week we celebrated Earth day and although I wouldn't say we really 'celebrated'(is it really a holiday to be celebrated?), we did have some fun making these compost cupcakes.

Then yesterday I took my oldest 2 children to see Earth. Can I just say WOW! It was incredible! And beautiful! And informative! All 3 of us really enjoyed it! Today was a day off of school for Olivia, so we made use of the Manitoba Museum pass they were given for their birthdays last month. Also fun, but would have been more fun with a dad involved, or with a baby(who now insists on walking everywhere and not sitting her stroller) uninvolved. You know. So I guess we did sort of celebrate in our own way.

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