Sunday, May 24, 2009

a busy weekend

we did so much this weekend, let's re-cap:

friday night was mommy night at gems, a carnival and plenty of embarrassing games for us mom's to participate in-potato sack races, high-heeled running races...

saturday-graham worked/interviewed/went to his brother's place to watch a 'fight'?, so me and the kids packed up early in the morning to go garage saleing and to old navy's $1 flip flop sale(did you go? NUTTY!)

some old suitcases, perfect for storing toys and dress-up clothing, and candlesticks for $.50? yes please.

lovely vintage trims

we waited in line outside the store, fought our way in, rummaged for our sizes, waited in a line to pay that wrapped around to the back of the store and came out with this! we're set for summer.
sunday began with starbucks and continued with lot's of yard work - it is really coming along, I'll have to start taking some after photo's, since I avoided the before shots! - and a fun project for the kids. a bbq and going our for ice cream was a fun way to end a busy weekend! what did you do?

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beautiful things said...

I LOVE those suitcases! What are your plans for those trims?