Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a new sandbox

our former sandbox was nasty. we had built it out of cheap lumber and also put a wood base on it(no drainage). so this weekend our kids were treated to a new sandbox! yay! we also relocated it to a shadier area of the yard. it is bigger than the last one, we will need more sand. and a cover - there are a couple neighborhood cats around, we don't want to find any 'surprises' in there!
my strong, willing hubby working to finish previously mentioned 'fun project'.

an already bathed and pajamaed willing helper.



miche said...

ooh, I really like this box! Ryder likes it too. We're working on one at the moment as well. Did you put anything in the bottom first? To prevent the weeds from growing throught?

swell news said...

We used a few layer of landscape cloth for the base. We realized now we will need quite a bit more sand, so the kids won't dig right to the bottom.