Tuesday, August 4, 2009

growing veggies

Here is what our garden looks like these days. Or what it looked like 2 weeks ago when I took these photos.

Tomato bed-not really doing that well. I think the bed is just not deep enough for the plants. We'll have to fix that for next year. Anyway, all the plants are producing fruit.

Giant sugar snap peas growing all over my potato box. In fact, I gave up trying to add more boards to the potato box. Growing the peas on the box was a good idea, just not totally thought through. You can also see some carrots and some dill.

Rhubarb-thanks to my brother Luke. It's growing nicely, but will probably be more usable next year. I love rhubarb. Behind it are the cucumbers, purple cabbage and parsley that produces much faster than I can use it. Anyone want some?

Chives, onions, zucchini, butternut squash.

Beans, lettuce (pretty much done growing and being eaten for that matter), brussel sprouts (which I mostly planted because I was instigued by the way it grows. looks like we're going to have lots though, so I'll need to some up with some yummy ways to serve it) and more varities of tomatoes (these are doing way better that the others).


beautiful things said...

Wow! Your veggie plants look awesome (jealous)

Tami Jo said...

wowza... I have seen your tiny yard... that is an amazing yield for such a small space. great!