Monday, June 8, 2009

name our business contest

Since Graham has officially began working for himself, we have been racking our brains for a new name. Two years ago when he finished school and was sub-contracting himself to another company, he quickly decided on Earl Grey Builders in order to do a few things you need to do to work for yourself. We always had it in the back of our minds to think of something a bit cooler, but here we are and we have nothing! Can you help us? We are looking for a one or two word name pertaining to home building. If a word suggesting that something is being built, we prefer 'builder(s)' to 'construction'. Oh, and Graham prefers we don't use our name(s), so G N' R Construction is out :) If you come up with something really great and we choose to use it, we will probably even throw in a prize! Get cracking everyone!


Tami Jo said...

1. Hammer Time
2. hip hop home builders
3. better builders
(build better homes... so betty bought some better butter, she said this butter's bitter...)
ummm I suck.

good luck

gwaj said...

Corydon or Cockburn Construction?

G. Wiebe (& Son?)

Something prairie-themed, or possibly something using a more local place-image (but not as local as earl grey?)... such as, ... i have no idea

or how about some acronym using Graham's families' names?

L.O.S.R. Contractors...

or, properly, and in order, "G.R.O.L.S."

swell news said...

I thought I would list all the ideas that have been coming...

How about "Arista Builders"? Arista means best in Greek. In english Arista makes you think about artist and aristocrat.

-G's dad

How about Grassroots Builders? Like doing stuff from scratch, from the ground up. Or how about Quantum Builders? As in, something that's been greatly improved or developed.


Tami Jo said...

I like Arista!