Friday, December 5, 2008

after school treats

After we make the chilly trek to retrieve Olivia from school, ,my children always claim to be 'starving'. Today was extra chilly and I had the thought to make apple cider. Perfect for the time of year, don't you think? And so easy to make. Apple juice and cinnamon sticks are all you really need. Cranberry juice and a few extra spices are nice, if you have them. The amounts are also up to you, whatever you family enjoys to sip. We also had a nice little bowl of maple popcorn today, thanks to my nice epicure lady, Denise, from the other evening. Yummy.

Scrounging for the last bits.



Anonymous said...

Wow, those are great mugs! Where did you get them? :) Cute kids by the way. And great idea to do apple cider, my kids are always begging for hot chocolate now. I'll try that this week.

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