Thursday, December 4, 2008


There have been a few time lately, in the mall, walking down the sidewalk, where I have heard the occasional parent pull out this line, "you must listen to me, or santa won't come to our house" What?? Is santa god? Who still tells their child that santa exists?? Seriously, I sort of thought that was a thing of the past. I am wrong apparently, Olivia came home from school yesterday and said, "you know mom, Julia really believes that santa is real(insert eye roll here)". My girlfriends daughter also cam home and said, "I'm pretty sure our family are the only ones who don't think santa is for real". I thought it was understood by all around here what was real and what was not, until this morning with Levi(who is 3), who started saying "so, when santa comes..."(what??!) I thought comparing the old man to something Levi relates to would work. Bob the Builder. Santa isn't real, just like bob the builder isn't real. "MOM! BOB THE BUILDER IS REAL!" I guess we'll have to work on that.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny! Yeah, we've always downplayed the whole Santa thing... but Ryder's starting to pick up on it and buy into the whole thing! He wants to go visit Santa's house (at the mall). And then he asked "mom how does Santa get in there?" How do you answer that? AHhhhh... Doesn't help when the older neighbor girls are still hanging on to their innocence and encouraging the concept either.